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Signiant Flight Release Features

Flight Release Features

Feature Description Benefit
Server Side Encryption folders (Dec 2015) Allow use of Amazon S3 buckets which have encryption at rest enabled Increased security through encryption at rest without the need for key management
Can now download non-Flight created folders (Jun 2015) Clients can now download directories of files from S3 that were not created with Flight Clients can distribute more files to multiple clients quickly and reliably.
Specified Upload Folder and
Filename (May 2015)
Optional folder (and sub folder) within the
bucket/container on upload, and optional
new file name
Increased flexibility with
bucket/container management
Encryption at Rest (April 2015) Encryption/decryption of content in the
client using customer supplied keys;
content remains encrypted while in object storage
Content encrypted before it leaves the client, with keys under full customer control
Web Proxy Support (April 2015) HTTP proxy support for client outbound
Signiant Cloud access when client
behind a web proxy