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Flight - as a web page - Configuration Troubleshooting

Flight embedded into a Web Page

The following are messages of what you may experience if one or more of your configuration settings are off when setting up Signiant Flight.

The settings required for Flight for use in Amazon's S3 storage are:
  • Developer API key
  • Amazon Access Key 
  • Amazon Secret Key
  • S3 Bucket
  • Default Server

The lines of code in a web page may resemble the following (keys have been changed)

<script src="" type="text/javascript" api-key='ec1d3ac3-8888-49a6-8888-833daff2ae88' id='ms-api'></script> 
Amazon Storage Information

function setAmazonStorageConfiguration( uploadTransfer ){var storageParams = "{ \"access-key\": \"PQPQPL2L2DDE4JPQPQP\", \"secret-key\":\"pqPQpIJV+3aRNUY0YpzuHxAu0Y3BvKnlG8ypqPQpq\", \"bucket\":\"BUCKET\" }";
Default Server settings

var defaultServer = ';

How to troubleshoot when logs are not available

In order to see an error you may need to view the web page using a developers console such as using Menu/MoreTools/Javascript Console (F12) in Chrome or Firebug in Firefox.

Description Error
API Error:
n this example the API is missing the last digit. In the Developers Console you will see the following information
  • Validating ApiKey : ec1d3ac3-8888-49a6-8888-833daff2ae8
  • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
  • Operation validateApiKey failed because API Key ec1d3ac3-8888-49a6-8888-833daff2ae8 does not exist
Access Key AND Secret Key Error:
This example is if the Access Key or Secret Key is missing the last digit.
  • plugin_warn event is fired for transfer with ID: 90962290-9622-4909-A229-096229096229 Message: InvalidAuthenticationException-INVALID_CREDENTIALS shortMessage: 41027 Invalid credentials: login rejected
  • ErrorMessage: Transfer authentication error due to invalid credentials.
  • Sample Upload Transfer Error INVALID_CREDENTIALS, Transfer authentication error due to invalid credentials.
The Bucket Entered Improperly (does not exist):
In this example the bucket name was misspelled.
  • ​plugin_warn event is fired for transfer with ID: B48302B4-8302-4B48-B02B-48302B48302B Message: PropertyException-INVALID_DESTINATION_DIR shortMessage: 30011 Unable to get type information for working directory 'buckett': Bucket Does Not Exist, destination: buckett, error code: 6, http code: 0
  • ErrorMessage: The destination dir property setting is invalid.
  • Sample Upload Transfer Error INVALID_DESTINATION_DIRECTORY, The destination dir property setting is invalid.