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Flight Troubleshooting: Diskless Dev/Null transfer for testing transfer rates

SIGCLI has a diskless mode. This allows you to test the achievable transfer rate, removing the impact of the source disk read access time. This is only applicable to uploads. The source file name is replaced with a string specifying the size (in bytes) of the “file” to send. A file is created in the destination container/bucket with a name the same as the specified size. For example:
  • sigcli -f config.cfg -d upload /dev/null/100000000
Couple this with a log file output and you will have much more information.
  • sigcli -f config.cfg -d upload -v -x log.log /dev/null/100000000
This will also work in a Manager/Agent workflow. Use "/dev/null/100000000" (or any other number) as the file source.

The reported transfer rate will be the fastest rate achievable under current network conditions, and will not include any impact from the source storage access times.  Using this technique can help identify if the source storage access time is having an adverse impact on normal transfers.

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