Signiant Support

[Aug 5, 2016] Deprecating Flight Global

Dear Signiant Customer, 

This is an important email about your Signiant transfers to cloud storage- please read it carefully. To ensure your transfers continue without any issues, we need you to make changes to your Flight implementation before the end of August. As always, we’re here to help you if you have questions. If you aren’t using Signiant Flight to transfer to cloud storage you can ignore this email.
Whether you’re using the command line tool for Flight, the Managers + Agents component, or the JavaScript API, you’ll need to make changes.
In the past, Signiant Flight used a default server of “” (for Amazon AWS) or “” (for Azure). This URL has been deprecated, and will be removed by the end of August, because it can lead to degraded performance for some Flight transfers. Instead, you’ll need to specify the closest server to your storage location. You can find the list of storage locations and Signiant Flight servers on our support site at 
For example, if your storage is in AWS US-East (Virginia), you’ll want to replace with
Making this change will improve performance for some of your transfers, depending on the location of the person / machine transferring files. 
If you have any questions about this change, please contact Signiant Support at  
Please ensure that these changes are made before the end of August to ensure your transfers continue uninterrupted.