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[August 8, 2017] What's New in Media Shuttle

Dear Signiant Customer, 

The August 8, 2017 release of Media Shuttle adds new capabilities to our SAML support:
  • IT administrators can configure a separate SAML provider per portal or use the same SAML configuration for all portals on an account.
If you are using a third party SAML provider (e.g. Okta, OneLogin etc.) and not a ‘native’ SAML provider such as Microsoft’s ADFS; you may need to have a separate SAML provider per portal (as many third party providers do not allow wildcarding of the Media Shuttle domain).   

We’ve made it easier for you to indicate whether this is the security configuration you need for authentication. For even more detail on configuring SAML with Media Shuttle read Media Shuttle SAML Configuration.