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[October 6, 2017] Announcing the release of Manager+Agents v13.2

Signiant is pleased to announce the general availability of Signiant Manager+Agents version 13.2 software. This release introduces a log management workflow, expansion to the Signiant REST API methods, and many new features and enhancements. Additionally, Signiant continues to enhance the integrations of Manager+Agents with Media Shuttle and Flight allowing for improved workflows to the cloud and to individuals.
Below are a few of the key features and enhancements included in this release:
  • Improved support for automated upload and download of files to Amazon S3 via Signiant’s Flight Gateway client. The improved integration includes multi-Gbps transfers, bandwidth controls, and fully integrated reporting and metrics for Flight transfers
  • Integration with Media Shuttle’s automation API to automatically send deliveries from Manager+Agents to individuals via Media Shuttle
  • A new log management workflow has been added that allows for compressing and archiving log files, with the option to send these archived logs to an agent
  • Agent load balancing has been enhanced to distribute jobs evenly across agents
  • Job Views can now be exported from one manager and imported into a different manager through new Export and Import options
  • Enhancements to the Media Mover workflows
  • Support for the latest releases of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge
For further details on all new features and enhancements, and for customers upgrading from previous releases, please refer to the release notes.

To obtain a copy of Signiant Manager+Agents 13.2, please log in to the Signiant Software Portal. If you do not have a login account to the portal, please request one from Signiant Support by emailing

Important Reminder – With the release of Managers+Agents v13, we have announced the end of life (EOL) for Signiant software release 11.x. Customers currently running version 11.x are encouraged to review the EOL announcement and plan an upgrade to one of our 12.x or 13.x versions.

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