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[January 11, 2018] What's New in Media Shuttle

In the January 11, 2018, release of Media Shuttle, we've added the following new features:

  • Portal members can now move files in Amazon S3 backed Share portals.
  • Operations Administrators can now remove multiple portal members at a time.
  • IT Administrators can now use manual proxy configuration for storage servers.

Operations Administrators can now remove more than one portal member at a time. To remove more than one member at a time, select a member you wish to remove, then use Ctrl-click (Windows) or ⌘-click (MacOS) to select additional members. After selecting all the members you want to remove, click Remove.

IT Administrators can now enable manual proxy configuration for a storage server by adding proxy server and port parameters to the file:

  • PROXY_MANUAL_CONFIGURATION_SERVER - IP of your proxy server (e.g.
  • PROXY_MANUAL_CONFIGURATION_PORT - Server port for your proxy (e.g. 88)