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Support Service Level Agreement

The following Service Level Agreement (SLA) formally defines the expected timeframe for responding to new incidents reported to Signiant Support team. While we always attempt to respond to all issues in a timely manner, Signiant Support will respond to service related incidents within the time frames outlined below.

Service Availability:

Support coverage hours specific to the services covered in this Agreement are as follows:

  • Telephone support: Monday – Friday 6:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M ET. 
    • ​Severity 1 calls received out of office hours will be forwarded to a an on-call engineer
  • Email support: Monitored 6:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M ET. Monday – Friday 
    • Emails received outside of office hours will be collected, however no action can be guaranteed until the next working day


  Definition Examples Response
Severity 1 Critical: A problem which causes an urgent, critical impact that impairs the performance of 1 or more major functions of the impacted software.
Direct business impact and no workaround available.
- Production system down, or repeatedly crashes (on-premise).
- Service down or unavailable (SaaS).
- Business impacting performance problem.
- Large number of users blocked.
- Data loss or corruption.
1 hour *
Severity 2 Major. A problem which causes an important or significant impact that impairs the performance of a major function of the impacted software System.Workaround is available. - Major system function is unavailable or degraded.
- Repeated failures.
- Error will create unacceptable delays if,not addressed.
2 hours
Severity 3 Medium: Issue has or will affect End User productivity. Workaround exists, but error must be fixed. - Failure in software component that is non-critical.- Failure of redundant component 8 hours
Severity 4 Trivial: No customer business impact. - “How to” questions.- Documentation issues.- Enhancement request 48 hours

* Severity 1 issue must always be reported by Telephone. 

Signiant Maintenance Release Policy

Signiant will provide support for the last two major releases of the software where the last two releases is defined as the current release and one previous. The numbering structure is <major>.<minor>.<patch> (e.g. 2.0.1). Minor and major releases contain new features and bug fixes. Patch releases only contain bug fixes. Customers who are not using code from one of the last two major release streams will receive best effort support and upgrade support only.  

Problem Tracking:

When Signiant is notified of a problem that cannot be resolved immediately, a case will be opened. The severity level of the problem will be mutually agreed upon by the customer and the support engineer and a case number assigned.

The Severity level will help classify and define the Customer’s technical and business impact. Please quote your case number in any correspondence with Signiant support.

Problem Escalation:

The following table details the targeted response time for issues reported to Signiant along with the notification times for members of the Signiant management team.

   24/7 06:00 – 20:00 EST Monday-Friday
(11:00 – 23:00 GMT)
Escalation Point Severity 1 Severity 2 Severity 3 Severity 4
Lead Support Engineer 1 hours 2 hours 8 hours 48 hours
Jad Abdul
Director of Technical Support
1 hour 4 hours 12 hours As Required
Ian Hamilton
VP, Research and Development
As required As required As required As required

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