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At Signiant, our mission and our passion is to understand your goals and solve your most challenging business issues. Our support team is staffed by world-class product experts who offer years of in-market experience working with some of the largest and most progressive media organizations in the world.

Below you can find the ways to contact our support team and search our knowledge base for solutions to common issues, uncover best practices and learn tips and tricks to ensure your success.

Media Shuttle Admin Support

Media Shuttle administrators receive support by email and telephone for the duration of their subscription.

Toll-free: +1 855-267-9218
United Kingdom*:  +44 800 0567 515
UIFN**: _  +800 5004 0500
Online Help:


Signiant Enterprise Support – All Products

Toll Free: +1 866-215-8465
USA: +1 703-286-6538
United Kingdom*:  +44 808 1011 565
UIFN**:   +800 5004 0500

The numbers above consist of the country code, the area code, and the actual telephone number.  To dial any of the the above numbers from abroad, simply prefix the number with your country's exit code. For example,

  • From France/Germany, the exit code is 00:
  • 00 1 866 215 8465
  • 00 800 5004 0500
  • From Australia, the exit code is: 0011:
  • 0011 1 866 215 8465
  • 0011 800 5004 0500
  • From U.S./Canada, the exit code is: 011:
  • 011 800 5004 0500
  • On mobile/voip phones, you can key in an actual "+" symbol instead of the exit code for your country.
  • *Our UK telephone numbers (808 1011 565 and 800 0567 515) are a special services "free-to-caller" numbers and cannot be dialed from outside of the UK.
  • **Our UIFN (Universal International Freephone Number) (800 5004 0500) is a worldwide toll-free 800 number issued by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). Like the 800 area codes in the U.S./Canada and 0800 numbers in many other countries, the call is free for you and we pay the charges. UIFN uses ITU country code 800 so that no matter where you are in more than 60 countries, only your exit code, the UIFN country code (800), and the 8-digit UIFN need to be dialed.
  • The UIFN can only be dialed as an international call. You must always prefix it with your country's exit code.
  • A UIFN can always be called for free from a landline phone, however, in some countries UIFNs are not yet available from mobile networks or can only be called from mobile phones at a premium rate.

For Severity 1 issues, please contact us by telephone for immediate attention.

An on-call support engineer is available 24x7 for emergency telephone support for customers with Severity 1 issues and valid premium support contracts. Please note that emails are not monitored during non-standard Signiant support hours, and a telephone call is required.  

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